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Online Betting

Welcome to our page about online betting in India.

Here you will find the best and most trustworthy betting sites for online betting on sports. We also show you generous welcome bonuses and promotions. Enjoy!

Betting Sites India 2021 🇮🇳

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Cricket logo


Cricket is the number one sport in India. It’s also common that players bet on Cricket events and matches both offline and online.

Football black white


Football, the world’s biggest and most popular sport, is also super-popular in India. Bet on leagues and matches worldwide.

Kabaddi India logo


Another sport that’s traditional in India is Kabaddi. It’s a team sport viewed by millions of Indians. Bet on the biggest events.

Field Hockey logo

Field hockey

India has been prosperous in Field Hockey, and therefore, it’s numerous people both playing and betting on this sport.

Tennis logo


Tennis is a famous sport worldwide and attracts many Indian bettors. Betting live on Tennis matches is extra popular.

Betting in India

In India, betting on sports and other happenings is an enormous product, both offline and online. Some players bet for fun or occasionally when their favorite team plays, while others make a living out of it.

Yes, few people earn their living by winning on sports betting. So what going on with the Indian betting market? How does it compare to other countries, and what applies to online betting in India nowadays?

These are some questions and thoughts we’ll take a closer look at here.

Betting is fundamentally the same in India as in other countries.

The most significant difference is which sports that’s popular in the nation. For example, American football, baseball, and basketball are the most popular sports in the United States. While in India, we see sports like Cricket, Field Hockey, Football, and Badminton among the country’s most played sports.

Does that mean most players in India bet on, for example, Cricket & Football? Yeah, that’s usually the case.

Also, we can’t forget about E-Sports that’s growing in popularity every day.

But everyone is different and likes to bet on various events and happenings. And that’s the beauty of online betting; it’s remarkably widespread and easily accessible.

You can bet with friends, at land places, or online. We would recommend that you stick to online betting as the odds are more favorable for the players.

Moreover, you also find a more comprehensive range of games, and you can compare odds, play on mobile, and more. But remember, placing bets with real money is for adults only.

Furthermore, online betting in India is increasing. We see more gaming companies opening up in the country, and more people are playing. The same trend goes for all online gambling in India. It’s for certain an exciting industry that is here to stay and expand.

If you want to start sports betting, we recommend you to play online. Most states will allow you to bet, and you’ll find many betting sites that accept Indian players.

Last, there’s a lot to say about this product, but the best thing you can do is experience it yourself. Activate some generous welcome offers, and start betting on your team or favorite sport today!

Online Betting India

How online betting works

If you’re new to online betting, you might wonder how it works, where to play, and stuff like that. So before you start placing bets on various odds and sports, think about the following:

What’s the reason for your bet? Do you want to win money short or long term, get some adrenaline going, become more excited about the game you’re about to watch? Or maybe you got betting tips from someone.

When you have figured that out, you can adjust the bet-strategi to get the best possible outcome. Because here’s how online betting works:

There are odds on each outcome of the game. To make it simple, let’s say you want to bet on a football match.

There are only three outcomes on that game:

  1. The home team wins.
  2. Draw (X).
  3. The away team wins.

You can bet on 1 X or 2. Then odds are set for these outcomes depending on who’s the better team, potential injuries, and many other factors.

Let’s pretend the home team is the favorites here. The then odds could look like this:

Home team win (1): 1.90
Odds on the draw (X): 3.50
Away team winning odds (2): 4.0

Now you can go ahead and place your bet or bets on those odds. We take a look at what the wins/losses would be for the three different outcomes if you bet INR 1000.

₹1000 bet on the home team would give ₹1000 x 1.90 = ₹1900 (900 profit).

Your return would be ₹3500 (1000 x 3.50) and 2500 profit for a draw result.

If the away team ends up winning, you get ₹1000 x 4 = ₹4000.

And as you understand, sometimes you get it wrong and lose the bet. Thus remember to play responsibly.

Furthermore, it doesn’t stop there when it comes to the market dept on betting events.

There are many more than three outcomes, as in the example above. Usually, there are hundreds of different odds on every significant match, game, or event.

Here's some common outcomes to bet on

Full time, total goals, half time, both teams to score, correct score, 3-way handicap, correct result, asian lines, goalscorer, double chance, total wickets, draw no bet, man of the match, most run outs, total runs, player runs, over/under bets, next goal, assist, penalty, cards, corners, stats betting, match events, head 2 head, passing score, quarter bets, spread, team clean sheet, odd/even, outrights betting, touchdowns, passing/receiving, group winner, presidential elections, e-sports results, map winner, tournament winner.

Combo betting

Another way of betting online is to combine odds for a potentially bigger win. It’s mostly called for a ‘combination bet’ and includes two or more odds in the same coupon.

The odds will multiply, and therefore, you can build very high odds for your bet.

But by betting like this, the chance of winning decreases significantly.

An example: You want to bet on three games instead of one. The odds for each outcome is 2.0.

Then you bet slip will look like this:

Match 1: 2.00
Match 2: 2.00
Match 3: 2.00
Total odds (2x2x2): 8.00

Now it’s a bit more exciting to place a bet, as you get 8x return on your money. But as mentioned above, now it’s also harder to win.

Consequently, everything works together, the chance of winning vs. the odds and vice versa.

Live odds betting

One popular way of betting online is via the live section. Here you can bet in real-time while watching or following various matches or events.

Use your mobile device or computer, and see how the odds move up and down. Live betting is the modern way of betting worldwide, but also in India.

Here’s how it works:

1. From your gaming account, you will be able to access the in-play section. Here’s where the sites list all live events. In short, there will be odds on various outcomes while the matches or events are running. In other words, it’s possible to bet while you’re watching the game live or on tv/stream.

2. The odds will change on each outcome, depending on what’s happening. For example, if a team is in the lead, the team’s odds will decrease the closer we get to the end.

3. Placing bets will take a few seconds as no one should have an edge. And if something significant happens, the market will get paused, and no bets are allowed.

Live betting gives more potential than pre-bets, especially if you follow the event and have a lot of knowledge.

These are basic examples of how online betting works. It’s a super widespread and complicated product. The best thing you can do is to explore it yourself.

Start with small bets and take it from there. It won’t take long to master as many players are winning in the long run.

In short, have few betting accounts as the odds can differ. Therefore, always look for the best odds before placing any bets. Use your mobile or computer, play live or pre, and then hope you end up winning.

Online Betting Welcome Offers

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Betting online with Bonuses

Many sports bettors and recreational players prefer betting with bonuses. Essentially, you receive these offers in various welcome packs. So when making your first deposit on gaming sites, you might get rewarded with bonus offers.

Below, we list some pros & cons and more information about bonuses for online betting.

The first thing to know is that bonuses have a ‘wagering requirement.’

It means that you need to wager the bonus money X number of times before it is eligible for withdrawal. In other words, if you activate them, be prepared to bet more than once. But it’s basically ‘free money,’ so players love them anyway.


  • You get more money to play with, which opens up for more significant wins.
  • If you end up plus/minus zero after wagering the bonus, you still profit.


  • The only negative thing with bonuses is the wagering requirement. It forces you to play to a minimum odds and within X number of days.
  • It depends on what kind of player you are or how you plan to bet. Bonuses are not suitable for everyone, but we still recommend you to use them.

How to activate bonuses at gaming sites:

1. First, you need to sign up at one or more websites or have an account.

2. Check if there are any welcome bonus for betting and read the terms & conditions. It’s important to know, for example, the minimum odds and wager requirement.

3. Deposit to activate the bonus with or without any code.

4. Start betting on various odds, both pre and live.

Usually, you get one bonus or a free bet in the welcome packs. If you already have used the welcome offer, try signing up on new sites or check the promo pages.

In summary, betting online with bonuses have many benefits. But make sure to check terms for all offers you activate, and after that, plan your bets accordingly.

Mobile and apps

We live in a society now where our mobile phones are like small computers. That opens up all kinds of ‘technical doors,’ and one of them is online betting. From what we can see, all gaming sites have a mobile version of their website.

Commonly, players use their mobile devices for pre and live-betting. Imagine this; you’re watching a football match on TV and want to bet on the home team to win. If you have a smartphone, it’s simple to log in and place your bet.

For experienced players, this will take under a minute.

Additionally, some companies launch downloadable apps for their sites. Then, instead of playing in mobile browsers, you can use various apps when betting. There’s no difference between the versions, but the app can sometimes operate smoother and faster.

Regarding the security of mobile devices, they are safe, if not even more protected than computers. In simpler terms, you can enjoy betting in the safest way possible.

Moreover, you can use bonuses, make payments, and everything else on mobile devices. In other words, no need to have a computer to place bets.

It doesn’t get more straightforward than that. Check it out yourself and enjoy the world of mobile betting.

“Online Betting goes hand in hand with most sports events in India.”

Online betting for beginners

If you’re new to online betting, this section is for you.

Here we’ll look at some helpful tips and tricks to know before starting to bet. You will bet with real money, and the odds are stacked against you mathematically. In other words, you will end up losing in the long run.

Be prepared to lose money and only play with cash you can afford to spend. But if you end up placing only a few bets a year, then odds don’t matter that much.

More things you should think about as a beginner:

Educate yourself a bit about the sport(s) you follow or plan to bet on. This way, it’s easier to figure out some potential outcomes, and that will increase your chances of winning.

For example, professional bettors have significant knowledge about leagues and various sports.

If you want to start betting on Cricket, try to learn more about the sport, players, teams, etc. Knowledge is the key to success in sports betting.

Make sure to understand the various markets and odds. Click around on the websites, look at all betting options, and learn what they mean. Some events have hundreds of odds on different happenings, so ensure an overall market knowledge.

Start with lower bets and learn by doing.

If you don’t understand the terms & conditions around bonuses, it’s better to avoid them. The same applies if you only will bet once or twice in the coming months. Because, on average, bonus money expires after 30-60 days.

Stick to sports and events you know and recognize. Don’t head to the live betting and throw money on something just because you’re bored or want action.

Try mixing it up between single and combo bets. Combos give you higher odds, while single coupons are easier to win.

To summarize, it’s not difficult with online betting. Everyone can do it (as long as you’re 18+.) Also, as always, remember to play responsibly and never borrow money for gambling.


What is online betting?

Online betting is when you, the player, bet real money on an event (usually sports events.) You bet against an online bookie that provides various odds. Your mission is trying to guess the correct outcome of the game or event, then bet on that odds.

Is online betting legal in India?

Yes, it’s legal with online betting if you play at sites based outside of India, so-called offshore websites. But if you live in the states Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, all kinds of online gambling is illegal.

How does betting work?

You start an account where they offer betting & odds. You have to be 18+ to do so. Then you deposit real money to the site and start betting on sports, elections, or other events. The odds vary, so compare before playing.

Can I play online betting with a bonus?

Yes. When you sign up at betting sites, you usually are entitled to a welcome bonus. The most common bonuses are 100% match up on your first deposit.

Can betting make you rich?

It’s possible, yes! Many people make a living out of sports betting. In other words, it can be your full-time job. If you’re an expert, have good bankroll management, and combine offline and online betting – Then you can become rich.

Can I play and bet without a deposit?

Yes, and no. You can’t play online without a deposit. But you could bet with your friends on events or happenings without “deposit money” beforehand.

What do odds mean?

Odds mean, in other words, the chance of something to happen. For example, if a team are huge favorites, their odds of winning will be relatively low. The odds go up and down depending on statistics, injuries, the market, players, weather, etc.

Is betting online safe?

Betting online is safe, but there are shady websites out there. To avoid them, read reviews or google them before playing.

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