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Here at, it’s all about online gambling. But gambling in India is an extensive industry that includes different products and gambling websites.

Thus, we decided to make this website to help our fellow gamblers finding the best sites, offers, and more.

You can use our site as a guide to online gambling. Below you will find more information on what we do, the different products, and how you can start playing on trusted sites with generous promotions and offers!

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Online gambling – a popular product in India

Online gambling in India is a hot topic amongst the country’s ruling states, gaming companies, and the players themselves. It’s a fast-growing industry with two different camps.

On one side, there are those that think both online and offline gambling should be illegal and banned. Then there’s the other side, which advocates it should be completely open and legal.

So what’s really going on with all this?

First of all, we would like to take the opportunity to say where stands in all this. We are a platform that provides players in India with information about online gambling and shows where it’s possible to gamble.

With that said, let’s move on. How’s the situation in India now? Well, online gambling is legal on websites hosted by offshore companies. Read more about this topic here.

If you’re interested in playing some online, there are many products and websites that focus on India. The most common and popular products are casino and sports betting.

Furthermore, as stated, online gambling is a growing industry in India. Also, tens of thousands of people are working within the industry. So this industry is a job creator, but some are afraid of an increasing number of gambling addicts. Gambling addiction in India is the number one enemy when it comes to this product.

In conclusion, like with everything else, there are both good and bad things with this industry. But if you play responsibly, it won’t cause any problems. Finally, on this page, we’ll cover more about this topic, FAQs, and show you the most reliable websites for players in India.

A 100 billion Rupees industry!

Did you know that the online gambling industry in India is worth around 100 billion Indian Rupees yearly? And it’s not stopping there as that sum expects to double in the coming years.

How does online gambling work?

Because online gambling involves so many products, it operates in various ways. But there is one common denominator – all games and the entire industry are based on people gambling with real money. So if that’s something you fancy, you’ll find a step-by-step guide below on how it works and how to get started.

Step 1: Don’t even consider gambling before you’re at least 18+ years old, as that’s the statutory age. But if you are 18+, select any website and sign up for an account.

Step 2: You’re playing all products with real money. It is, therefore, essential that you can deposit money into your member account. You can choose from several different deposit options. Deposit funds into your account, then you’re ready to play.

Step 3: Browse around the game collection, select any game, and start playing.

Then as we mentioned earlier, depending on which game you choose, they operate in different ways. But fundamentally, it’s about either winning or losing. Therefore, we recommend you trying new games with lower bets until you learn how they work.

How to gamble online

Real money online gambling

As gambling online is all about real money, it attracts both companies and risk seekers (players). The companies focus on offering various real money gambling games to make money out of. And the players are playing these games for fun or try winning real cash. It’s one of the world’s largest industries and is growing every year in India.

The truth is that you can gamble online on basically everything, and people have different reasons for why they gamble. But overall, most share the same purpose – trying to win money. But some play only for fun or the thrill and don’t care if they end up losing or winning. So there are two sides to the coin in this business.

If you are looking to gamble for real money online, you can choose between many different products. However, most players put their money on casino games and sports betting. Other popular games and products are online bingo, esports, lottery, and other games where you can win real cash.

And we are here to help you find the best real cash gambling sites in India via our different top lists on So whatever you enjoy playing, we make sure to have trusted sites and offers available for you. Click here to find the best gambling sites online for Indian players.

Furthermore, we are giving information about all gambling games and products here on our site. In other words, we want to do our part in educating and help all players.

Moreover, there is an increasing number of players that gamble on mobile devices. It’s a popular trend that is here to stay. All the sites we promote are available on mobile, so you don’t need a computer to win real money on gambling games online. Read more about this below.

We believe India will be one of the largest real money gambling markets online in the nearest future.

Gambling products

Real money gambling on mobile and apps

Playing different online gambling games with real money is extra popular on mobile devices. You can play directly via various mobile browsers if you have a smartphone. Some sites will also offer downloadable gambling apps, which makes the gambling experience even better.

If you want to enter the mobile version or play via the app, here’s what you need:

  1. Create one account at a site that offers real money gambling products such as betting and casino.
  2. Visit the site in a mobile browser or download the app in the Google Play Store, App Store, or any other place where you download apps.
  3. Sign in to your account and start playing.

You can make payments and use bonuses and offers on mobile.

Which site offers the best app?

We can debate this for a long time. The fact is that everyone thinks differently, and it depends on what you’re looking for as a player. But if we look at won awards and ratings, LeoVegas takes first place and offers the best mobile site and app.

Gambling with real money on mobile is widespread in India and will continue expanding to more players onward.

Online Gambling on Casino

Here we have the heavyweight contender within the online gambling industry. We are, of course, referring to Online Casino. This product is not only one of the fastest-growing gambling products online, but also extremely popular amongst all types of players.

And why is that? We’ll give our thoughts on that plus other related online casino stuff in this section.

First, online casinos have come a long way in the latest years. High-quality games on all devices, jackpots with more money one can only dream of winning, new gambling companies opening up worldwide focusing on online casinos, thousands of casino games, etc.

Yeah, the list can get longer. Second, Online Casino is actually one of the most uncomplicated products to master, as most games are based solely on luck.

Furthermore, it can also be a very entertaining product. Hence some players choose to play casino only as a pastime. For example, if you love movies, there are casino games with movie themes.

Last, most people want or need some “action” in their life, they want to win real money, and they want to feel the thrill. Thus, Online Casino is the perfect product for many players as it provides all the above and more. So there are many reasons why this product is super popular amongst players.

We, the team behind, are gamblers ourselves. We eat, sleep, gamble, repeat (almost.) Jokes aside, we love both online and offline gambling – so we’re all about delivering the best of the best to all our visitors. – Team

Gambling on Sports Betting

Online Betting is yet another top-rated online gambling product. And if we look particularly in India, Cricket takes the first place on the podium, followed by sports like Football and Field Hockey.

So most players choose to gamble on these sports. But do not shed any tears “other sports” – some players will bet on your sports events as well.

Top 3 reasons for gambling on Sports:

1. You only want to gamble on sports you’re following or watching. Placing a bet on any game will make it more interesting to watch.

2. Knowledge, you might know more than the bookies, beating the odds, and winning in the long run. In other words, it’s possible having Sports Betting as a full-time job.

3. Betting for fun or on your favorite team.

And considering how much sports we can follow daily, it’s no wonder that Sports Betting is so popular. It’s one of the gambling products that turnover most money both in India and in the rest of the world.

Gambling on Live Casino

Live Casino is “the new kid in town” and offers an authentic casino experience, with real croupiers and games. Gambling on Live Casino is like visiting a land-based casino. But the action takes place on your computer or mobile devices instead.

For example, you can enjoy Teen Patti and Andar Bahar (which are among the most well-liked casino games in India) from your home, office, car, or wherever you are.

Furthermore, the interest in this online gambling product has skyrocketed lately. And we see zero signs of it slowing down in the future.

So who do we have to thank for this product? We would say that it is the game provider Evolution Gaming that should get thanked.

In recent years, they have succeeded in making Live Casino one of the world’s most popular gambling products. It’s so incredible that you can never go back to virtual table games after testing it. Okay, we are hyping Live Casino a bit too much now, but we can definitely recommend it.

Gamble responsibly

More products

We’ve already mentioned that online gambling is an extensive product. And that becomes clearer than water as there are even more products within the iGaming industry.

Here are a few additional products:

  • Bingo Online
  • Lottery
  • Online Poker
  • Fantasy Leagues
  • E-Sports Gambling

Well, you can actually gamble on almost everything nowadays, both online and offline. Find more information about these products below. 


Playing the lottery is very common in India. That’s understandable as the jackpots are enormous, and if you get lucky, your life can change overnight. Playing the real money lottery online is the new way for many Indians as it’s much more convenient. There are numerous sites that offer lottery games in India.

The positive thing with these bigger lotteries is that it’s cheap to buy tickets. But the downside is that your chances of winning the jackpots are one in many millions. In other words, you can play all your life and then some without winning anything substantial.

Millions of people play on different lotteries every week. So it’s safe to say that lottery is one of the most popular products to gamble on in India. If you’re lucky enough, you might end up winning the jackpot.

Real money lottery India

Esports gambling

Esports gambling and betting is the newest trend in India. We have rarely seen such hype and popularity around various computer and video games. There are now World Cups in all different e-sports games, and the players compete for millions in prize sums every year. The most popular games are Counter-Strike, Fortnite, League of Legends, Dota 2, and Call of Duty, to name a few.

More and more people worldwide become professional esports players. As the popularity of the games increases, so do the sponsors and prize money. Moreover, companies invest more money than ever in esports, and online gambling sites provide odds for matches and e-sports events.

So now players in India can find odds on different esports-teams and bet real money on the outcome. It’s a new kind of online gambling in India that is here to stay.

We will see an increasing number of players betting on esports in the future as interest increases. If you are interested, you will find the odds on various betting sites under the sports section.

Online Bingo

Here players can buy different bingo cards online filled with random numbers. The goal is to get ‘BINGO’, which means that you get five in a row or fill your bingo card before anyone else. There are a few variations of this gambling game online, but the most common versions are 75 or 90 balls bingo.

In short, here is how it works: Let’s say you buy one bingo card for a 75 balls game. The total cost is INR 500, and it’s a total of 20 players participating in this game. You will have random numbers on your card and match them with the drawing numbers, hoping you fill them faster than your competitors.

If you end up getting lucky enough to fill your card before anyone else, you win most of the money from the total prize pool (INR 500 x 20).

Everything is happening automatically, so you can just relax and enjoy the game while it runs. Each game runs approx for five minutes then the next round starts.

Bingo online is not super popular in India, but it’s a fun and easy game that can give big winnings. Some websites offer these different bingo games, so keep an eye out for that if it sounds interesting.

Poker games online

Most people know about different poker games, both online and offline. It’s the world’s most popular card game and can be played worldwide. Big tournaments and cash games are running online, in land casinos, in underground clubs, and at various home games. You can play classics like 5 Card Stud, Limit Holdem, or the most popular No Limit Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha.

Players mostly gamble on real cash Tournaments (mtt) and Cash Games. In tournaments, you buy-in for a fixed sum. Then play with poker chips, and continue the game until one wins all the players’ chips. While in cash games, you can buy in for a small or large amount and play at the same stakes every hand. It’s also possible to reload more money in cash games repeatedly if you end up losing.

Poker card suits

Many people in India and worldwide play card games at home. It’s a fantastic way of gathering friends or family and enjoy some poker. Some play for fun without any real money, so poker is a game for everyone. But now, as technology is getting better, more people start gambling on poker online as well.

If we look at the potential, poker is a skill-based game. In other words, if you study enough and play smart, you can win in the long run. Therefore, we find that many professional poker players exist in the world, playing poker for a living.

Furthermore, we further find poker games in the casino section. You can play against the dealer in various casino poker games.

In summary, this product is widespread and can bring in big winnings if you have exceptional skills or lucky.

Fantasy Leagues

Gambling with real money on fantasy leagues has become popular amongst people in India. Fantasy leagues follow the ‘real league’ in different sports. For example, the most popular fantasy league is Premier League in England, the IPL league in India, and the NFL in the USA.

Here’s short how it works:

At the start of the season, everyone gets X amount of money in their fantasy account. You use this money to set up a team with players you think will get the most points in the next match or through the season. Players earn points from doing assists, goals, and other valuable stuff in the games.

The “best players” are more expensive, so you need a mix of players. Then you pick your team and hope that they deliver points for you.

Throughout the season, you can switch players, use special features, follow injuries, etc. If you’re active and your players deliver, you will earn many points.

Now to the gambling part of this game. It is possible to start groups where you compete against each other in these online fantasy leagues. And if you then place a small bet, there is money to be won if you earn the most points throughout the season.

Let’s take an example; You and nine of your friends start a fantasy group and bet, let’s say ₹2500 each, so it’s ₹25,000 in the pot. When the season is over, you check who has collected the most points, and he/she wins the prize money.

Given that this is a growing game, there is a lot of real money to be won in prize pools if you are good enough.

Online vs offline gambling in India

As you may have already understood, we advocate online gambling in India on this page. However, which is best, online, or offline? We give our thoughts on this below and compare the two. *Spoiler, we’ll pick online gambling as the winner.

Online benefits:

  • The first and most significant point is that online gambling in India is legal in most states. However, the website owner got to be an offshore company. And offline, it’s only allowed in states like Sikkim and Goa.
  • Simplicity and accessibility. As a player, you only need a computer or smartphone and an internet connection. Then it’s possible to play on various gambling sites online.
  • Benefits and value. There’s tough competition among the online gaming companies, so there are always attractive bonuses, offers, and campaigns for the players.
  • The game selection is much better and broader online compared to offline.
  • There are several tools to prevent gambling problems. It’s simple to set different limits on gambling-sites. These tools are not similarly available offline.
  • Players get a higher payback percentage (RTP) on games online.

Not everyone will agree on these pros, as it depends on what you value as a player.

Offline benefits:

  • The atmosphere and gaming experience are unbeatable offline at land-based casinos and other places where you can gamble. Some players value that higher than anything else.
  • We have the social aspect – You can play with friends, family, and other players. It becomes more like a social event compared to online, which usually takes place in solitude.
  • Better for high rollers as the limits are higher.

In conclusion, online gambling gets first place, especially in India. As we stated above, it’s forbidden with offline gambling in most states. Although, a mix between them both is the best combination.

You get better odds and RTP (Return To Player) percentage online compared to land-based games. In other words, the chance of winning is higher when gambling online. That’s something to have in mind!

Banking & payment options

Everyone who wants to gamble on real money games in India needs to use various banking options. The different online gambling sites will offer a wide range of these for both deposits and withdrawals.

Here are some of India’s most common payment methods: Paytm, Google Pay, VISA, Mastercard, RuPay, Skrill, Neteller, Jeton, AstroPay, Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC), PhonePe, MuchBetter, and Bank Transfer. In other words, it’s simple to make payments, but they all have different pros and cons. For example, some banking options will take a small fee, and the payout speed differs.

We recommend that you use web wallets, crypto, or some other online alternative as deposit methods. It can be beneficial as you won’t pay high fees, and no gambling activities will show on your bank statements.

The payout speed for withdrawals varies depending on what method you use. You will find more information about all this on your preferred gambling site.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your website’s payment or banking options, please contact the customer service team, and they will help you out.

Gambling payments in India

Online Gambling game providers

A vital part of online gambling is different game providers. They manufacture and supply games to all gambling websites. So it’s not the sites themselves that own, for example, online casino games; it’s other companies. The game provider industry is growing and has become a lucrative business for many companies.

For example, we find big names like Evolution Gaming, Kambi, Microgaming & NetEnt. And they have earned a fortune providing games to various sites.

When it comes to Online Casino and Live Casino, slot machines and table games are provided by game providers. The same usually applies to sports betting as well; a betting company like Kambi sets the odds. In other words, the gaming sites do not own much themselves as they pay for odds, the various games, and sometimes even customer service.

To sum up, game providers are and will always be what makes online gambling possible.

Gamble responsibly

One of the key things, and mayhap even the most important thing, is to gamble responsibly. At, we take this very seriously as we’re players ourselves.

We are well aware of the potential downsides and risks of playing online for real money. Therefore, please never play for more than you can afford to lose. It should be a fun and exciting activity, not having devastating consequences.

Hence, a tip: view gambling as a hobby, and spend money on it accordingly. Also, websites got tools that you can use. For instance, you can set deposit limits or loss limits on your account. These are essential tools that will prevent you from spending more than you intended.

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Gambling meaning?

Gambling is meaning the same thing, both online and offline. You (the player) bet real money on games of chance, often with a mathematical disadvantage. Common gambling games are Casino (Slots, Teen Patti, Roulette, Blackjack, Andar Bahar), Sports Betting, Lottery, and Bingo. You can play all these games online in India.

Where to play online gambling?

You can play online gambling at offshore-based websites that hold a valid license. Also, these websites need to offer Indian rupees (₹) as a currency. The most common and secure license is MGA (Malta Gaming Authority.) So look for those sites.

How can I gamble online in India?

You can gamble online if you have a valid membership at some site in India. You need to be 18+ years old. The site has to have Indian Rupees as its currency and at least one valid gaming license offshore of India. Then you create an account, verify it, deposit money, and start gambling via computer or mobile device.

Can I get bonus on gambling products?

Yes! Most websites offer their players various bonuses, either in the welcome pack or in other campaigns. Bonuses are most common on the Casino, Sports, or the Live Casino product.

Is online gambling legal?

Yes! Online gambling is legal on foreign websites but illegal for Indian based companies in India. Although, it’s forbidden in some states, and the punishment for can be fines or imprisonment.

Can I gamble to make money?

Yes! Many people gamble full time and making money by doing so. For example, some can beat the game of Blackjack by math and counting cards. Also, there are players making money on sports betting and poker, as those are skill-based games.

Is it possible to gamble for free with no deposit?

It’s possible to gamble for free, but only on slot machines & table games online. They have something called ‘play money mode,’ which makes it possible testing them without deposit or real money. Please note that this way, you can’t win any real money either.

Can I play online gambling for real money?

Without real money, we wouldn’t have online gambling. The whole industry bases itself on people willing to gamble with real money on various games. So in short, yes!

Is online gambling dangerous?

It can, for sure, be dangerous as there’s something called gambling addiction. But websites got smart tools now to prevent players from ending up in hazardous situations. Also, if you gamble too much, there’s professional help to get. Other than that, there’s nothing to worry about.

Is online gambling rigged?

The short answer, No! Websites make money on players losing money, yes, but they’re renting all games from game providers, with valid licenses. So for gambling to be rigged online, it has to be the game providers rigging them. And they would never do that as it’s not benefiting them.

Can online gambling affect getting a mortgage?

Some banks might go through your bank statements for the last six to twelve months. If they see that you have gambled a lot online, it can affect your mortgage application. To be sure, stop gambling at least six months before the application, or use web wallets.

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